• What is the Tünel (Tunnel)? 

The Tünel is a historical underground funicular line in Istanbul, Turkey. Tünel second oldest subway in the world.

  • History of Tünel (Tunnel)

Construction story of Tünel, which is the second oldest subway in the world, began with the attempts of the French engineer Eugene-Henri Gavand. Gavand came into the presence of the Ottoman Sultan, Abdülaziz Han for an elevator-like railway project that would interconnect Galata and Pera, and then he was granted a concession for the construction of Tünel on June 10, 1869. Construction of Tünel, planned operation period of which was 42 years, began on June 30, 1871, and finished on December 5, 1874. Tünel started to operate on January 17, 1875, after a magnificent ceremony with the participation of local and foreign guests.

Tünel was nationalized on March 1, 1939, and it was transferred to General Directorate of Istanbul Electricity, Tram and Tünel Enterprises (İETT) on June 16, 1939. Tünel was renovated in 1971 and took its current form covering the 573-meter track in 90 seconds with its 350 HP electrical system and it is capable of carrying 170 passengers at once with its two 16 meter long cars.
Tünel offers the shortest, the most joyful and the warmest travel experience to its passengers while silently connecting karaköy and Beyoğlu every day.

  • What are The Tünel (Tunnel) opening hours?

The Tünel is open daily from 7 am to 10.45 pm. (Sunday is open 7.30 am)

  • How do I get to Tünel (Tunnel) by Public Transport? (by Bus, Metro, Tram, Train, Ferry, Cable Car)


Address Arap Mosque District, Tersane Ave, No:9 Beyoğlu / İstanbul
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