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What is Galata Bridge? Galata Bridge is a Tourist Attraction, Bascule Bridge in Turkey. History of Galata Bridge Whose old name was Cisr-i Cedid (New Bridge) has been constructed by timbers in 1845 by Valide Sultan mother of Abdulmecid the 1st. The bridge has been renewed and recommissioned again by Kaptan-ı Derya Hasan Ahmed Pasha in […]


What is the New Mosque – Yeni Camii ? Place of Worship – MOSQUE About The New Mosque – Yeni Camii The Yeni Cami (Turkish pronunciation: [jeni d͡ʒɑmi]), meaning New Mosque; originally named the Valide Sultan Mosque (Turkish: Valide Sultan Camii) and later New Valide Sultan Mosque (Turkish: Yeni Valide Sultan Camii) after its partial […]