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If you’re going to Izmir Turkey as a tourist, you will need the tips. All things to do in Izmir Turkey. Travel Tips for Izmir Turkey to eat, experiences and culture. A few expert tips will help you enjoy this amazing but most beautiful city. In planning your first trip to Izmir Turkey, here are all things.


Izmır Ottoman Clock Tower

What is the Clock Tower Izmir? Clock Tower is Historical Place, Tourist Attraction in Izmir. History of Clock Tower Izmir Izmir Clock Tower is a historic clock tower located at the Konak Square in the Konak district of İzmir, Turkey. Built for the 25th anniversary of the enthronement of Abdülhamit II, in 1901. The architect is Raymond […]


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What is The Asansör (The Asansor) Izmir – Turkey? The Asansör (The Asansor) is Historical Place, Tourist Attraction, Restaurant, Panorama Terrace, Cafe in Izmir, Turkey. History Of The Asansör (The Asansor) Izmir – Turkey One of the historical places of Izmir, Asansör Tower has been built in the year 1907 by a Jewish philanthropist; Nesim Levi Bayraklıoğlu […]