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Here are 5 places and things to do when Bursa Turkey traveling that will make your trip even more unforgettable. 5 places you must visit in Bursa Turkey. TripTravelTurkey has prepared a list of the best things to do and see in Bursa Turkey. Amazing places to visit before you die in Bursa Turkey. 5 attraction places to visit a lifetime in Bursa Turkey. If you have been dreaming of traveling to Bursa Turkey and want to start planning your vacation, this travel guide is packed with all the tips.


Golyazı Bursa - Gölyazı - Apollonia ad Rhyndakos

What is Golyazı Bursa – Gölyazı – Apollonia ad Rhyndakos ? Golyazı Bursa – Gölyazı – Apollonia ad Rhyndakos is Historical Place, Tourist Attraction, Town in Turkey. Places to Visit in Golyazı Bursa – Gölyazı – Apollonia ad Rhyndakos 1. Aqueduct 10. Turkish Bath 2. Necropolis 11. Citadel (Kastro) 3. Windmill 12. Podium House 4. Stadium 13. […]


Most visited city Bursa in Turkey by international tourist.

What is The Grand Mosque Bursa (Ulu Cami) ? Ulu Cami Bursa – The Grand Mosque is a Mosque, Historical Place, Tourist Attraction, Place of Worship. History Of The Grand Mosque Bursa (Ulu Cami) “Ulu Cami” (The Grand Mosque) was built by Yıldırım Bayezid between 1396 and 1399. After the victory at Nicopolis (Niğbolu) in 1396, Yıldırım Bayezid wanted to built20 masjids in Bursa, […]


Skiing in the Uludağ Bursa

Where is the Uludağ ?  Mountain in Bursa,Turkey. Tourist Attraction, Ski Resort, Ski Center. Uludağ is a popular center for winter sports such as skiing, and a national park of rich flora and fauna. Summer activities, such as trekking and camping, also are popular. About of Uludağ Uludağ, the ancient Mysian Olympus, is a mountain in […]