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All Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the Antalya. Most Popular Attractions in Antalya. These are the best places to see in Antalya, and also top places of interest in Turkey. These are the best travel guides for all sorts of visitors in Antalya Turkey. If you’re only in Antalya Turkey for a trip, there’s still time to visit many of the city’s most historically, interesting attractions. Top attractions, museums, points of interest, kid-friendly activities, food, things to do in Turkey.


Kaleiçi Antalya Turkey

Places to visit in Kaleici – Kaleiçi 1- Hıdırlık Tower 6- Clock Tower & City Walls 11- Hadrians Gate 2- The Korkut (Truncate Minaret) Mosque 7- Muratpaşa Mosque 12- The Suna İnan Kıraç Kaleiçi Museum 3- Iskele Mosque 8- Tek Kapılı Han Vakıf Hamamı 13- Atatürk House 4- Zincirkıran &Nigar Hatun Türbesi 9- Demirciler Bazaar […]


Antalya is one of the world's top tourist destinations.

What is the Düden Waterfalls – Duden Waterfalls? Duden is Waterfall in Antalya, Turkey. About of Düden Waterfalls – Duden Waterfalls A Natural wonder in Antalya; Most of the domestic and foreign tourists visiting Antalya only see Düdenbaşı falls without noticing how these falls come out from the deep section of water by making a […]


Plan the best itinerary with these amazing sights and activities in the Antalya. Here are the ones we would recommend you to visit in Antalya

What is the Hadrian’s Gate – The Three Gates? The Hadrian’s Gate – The Three Gates is Historical Place. History of Hadrian’s Gate – The Three Gates In ancient period, Hadrian’s Gate is the end of the road that comes from Side, Aspendos and Perge were built in 131-132 AD in honor of the Roman […]


Aspendos - Antalya travel guide

Places to visit in Aspendos Antique City Plan of Aspendos Antique City A- South Gate B- East Gate C- North Gate D- Aqueduct E- Agora F- Market Hall G- Basilica H- Nymphaeum I- Bouleuterion K- Exedra L- Temple M- Aspendos Theatre N- Stadium O- Graves P- Bath Q- Gymnasium R- Cisterns S- Modern Road T- […]