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  • What is Buyukada Istanbul – Prinkipo (Büyükada)?

Buyukada Istanbul – Prinkipo (Büyükada) is Tourist Attraction Island in the sea of Marmara.

  • History Of Buyukada Istanbul – Prinkipo (Büyükada)

In antiquity the archipelago was called Demonisa, the People’s Isles. During Byzantine times the archipelago came to be known as Papadonisia, the Islands of the Monk, from the many monasteries that had been established on the various isles. The emperor Justin II built himself a palace and monastery on the largest of the Islands in 569. This isle had beend known as Megale, or the Great, but after the emperor established residence there it came to be called Prinkipo, the isle of the Prince. Later the entire archipelago came to be called the Prinkiponisos, or the Princes’ Isles. Buyukada, the Greek Prinkipo, is the largest and most beatiful of the Princes’ Isles. This is the only one of the islands that most people visit and it is the summer resort par excellence.

The street on the left side of the square leads to Fayton Meydanı, where all the horse-drawn carriages wait to be hired. The standart routes for visitors are the Büyük Tur (Grand Tour) a complete circuit of Büyükada, and the Küçük Tur (Short Tour), which does only the northern half, cutting across the waist of the island between Isa Tepesi and Yüce Tepe.

Phaetons and Tours

Büyükada Ferry Port; Scaffolding is a two-storey building was built in 1914 during the reign of Mehmed Reshad. The architect is Mihran Azaryan. the exterior is covered with rectangular stone blocks. Tile dome frame, it is a two-story masonry building in terms of architectural features.

Büyükada Ferry Port

The Roman Catholic Church of San Pacifico is in Meşrutiyet Neighborhood about 350 meters South of the iskele, at the intersection of Lala Hatun Street and Yeni Street. This Larfe basilica in the neo Gothic style, with a wooden roof, built by the Franciscans in the years 1865-6.

The Roman Cotholic Church of San Pacifico

Aya Yorgi Monastery; The monastery St. George Koudonas crowns Yüce Tepe, the southern most of the Island’s two hills. A path leads up to the monastery from the Meydan at the waist of the island. The feast day of St. George is celebrated on 23 April when thousands of pilgrims from around the world including Muslim Turks and other non-Christians make their way to the monastery, many of them walking barefoot up the hill to attend the dawn service. After the service many of the pilgrims have lunch at the little outdoor restaurant on the hilltop, celebrating the day that traditonaly marks the beginning of spring according to the old calendar.

Aya Yorgimonastery
Aya Yorgi Monastery Hilltop

Greek Orphanage; On the way up to the monastery one passes a huge wooden structure that once served as the Greek Orphanage, now abandoned and falling into ruins. It is Europe’s largest wooden building, and the second largest in the world. The building was erected in 1898 by a French company, who planned to open it as a grand hotel called the Prinkipo Palas, with a gambling casino on the style of Monte Carlo. But Sultan Abdülhamid II refused to give permission for such an establishment and it never opened. The building was then purchased by Eleni Zarifi, widow of the banker Leonidas Zarifi, who donated it to the Ecumenical Patriarchate on condition that it be used as an orphanage. The Greek Orphanage which had been at Balıklı in Istanbul, reopened here in 1903, helped by a gift of 146 gold pieces donated by Abdulhamid II, who also gave it tax-exempt status. The orphanege close in 1964 and has since fallen into ruins, though it is still a most impressive site, on of the principal landmarks of Büyükada as seen from the sea.

Greek Orphanage
Greek Orphanage

You can also visit these places in Büyükada;
*Clock Tower Square Buyukada
*The Church of The Panagia Buyukada
*Trotsky Mansion Buyukada
*Can Pasha Mansion Buyukada
*Hristos Monastery Buyukada
*Aya Nikola Monastery Buyukada
*Adalar Museum Buyukada
*Hamidiye Mosque Buyukada
*The Hesed Le Avram Synagogue Buyukada
*The Metropolitan Church of St Dimitrios Buyukada
*Beaches Buyukada
*Villas, Mansions Buyukada

  • Buyukada Istanbul – Prinkipo (Büyükada) Sightseeing Map
Buyukada Istanbul – Prinkipo (Büyükada) Sightseeing Map

  • How do I get to Buyukada Istanbul – Prinkipo (Büyükada) by Public Transport? (by Bus, Metro, Tram, Train, Ferry, Cable Car, Car)

You can visit Buyukada Istanbul – Prinkipo (Büyükada) by Ferry
*From Ferry Port; Bostancı, Eminönü.
*Adalar Buyukada, Kinaliada, Burgazada, Heybeliada (Princes’ Islands) Lines and Timetables Website;


*BOSTANCI FERRY PORT Buyukada Istanbul – Prinkipo (Büyükada)

*EMINONU FERRY PORT FOR Buyukada Istanbul – Prinkipo (Büyükada)


*BOSTANCI FERRY PORT Buyukada Istanbul – Prinkipo (Büyükada)


*EMINONU FERRY PORT FOR Buyukada Istanbul – Prinkipo (Büyükada)


  • Buyukada Istanbul – Prinkipo (Büyükada) Photos

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