Skiing in the Uludağ Bursa
  • Where is the Uludağ ? 

Mountain in Bursa,Turkey. Tourist Attraction, Ski Resort, Ski Center.

Uludağ is a popular center for winter sports such as skiing, and a national park of rich flora and fauna. Summer activities, such as trekking and camping, also are popular.

  • About of Uludağ

Uludağ, the ancient Mysian Olympus, is a mountain in Bursa Province, Turkey, with an elevation of 2,543 m (8,343 ft). Mt. Uludağ, Marmara bölgesinin en yüksek dağıdır. En yüksek doruğu, 2,543 m’de (8343 ft) Kartaltepe’dir. Kuzeyde yüksek yaylalar vardır: Sarıalan, Kirazlıyayla, Kadıyayla ve Sobra.

The suitable conditions have also formed a habitat for many species of animal and bird life, like bears, wolves, jackals, foxes, roe deer, rabbits, pigs, partridges, wild pigeons, vultures, eagles, black kites, nightingales and goldcrests. The Bakacak watchtower at Cobankaya gives a great view over the surrounding area.

Inside the park, Oteller Bolgesi (Hotel Area) has a good range of accommodation, and facilities for those wishing to ski. Camping is possible in the regions of Sarialan, Cobankaya and Kirazliyayla, and there are also tourist bungalows and huts.

Between December and May, Uludag is covered with snow sometimes up to 4m deep, making it suitable for skiing, and it is one of the most popular winter sports centres in Turkey. Being the Turkey’s most important center for winter sports and skiing, the number of days Mount Uludag is covered with snow is 178 days.

  • When’s the best time to visit Uludağ Ski Resort ?

Best Time to Visit Uludağ Ski Center: Visit the Uludağ Ski Center from 20th December  to 20th March.

  • Uludağ Ski Center Piste of Map

Uludağ Ski Center Piste of Map

  • Uludağ Ski Resort Live Webcam

View live feeds of Uludağ Ski Resort from camera stationed around the ski area.

Uludağ Zirve

  • How do i get to Uludağ Ski Resort by Public Transport ? (by Bus, Metro, Tram, Train, Ferry, Cable Car, Car)

National Park can be reached both by highway and cable car. A cable car makes the journey up to Uludag from Bursa to the Sarilan Plain, which takes around 20 minutes, and then a dolmus to the hotel area of the park. The Ski resort is 40 minutes away from Bursa by road and 60 minutes from the airport. The mountain road, 34km from Bursa, is open throughout the year. Travelling by private vehicle, the Cekirge road is the easiest. Drivers must keep wheel chains, wedges and heavy ropes during winter. There is also a private helicopter service from Istanbul which takes 25 minutes.

What are  Uludağ ski center cable car opening hours ? 

Weekdays: 09:00 – 21:00

Weekend: 09:00 – 21:00

Uludağ Ski Center Cable Car Web Site: *(CLICK)*



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  • Uludağ Photos 

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