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Plan of Aspendos Antique City

A- South Gate B- East Gate C- North Gate
D- Aqueduct E- Agora F- Market Hall
G- Basilica H- Nymphaeum I- Bouleuterion
K- Exedra L- Temple M- Aspendos Theatre
N- Stadium O- Graves P- Bath
Q- Gymnasium R- Cisterns S- Modern Road
T- Single Arch U- City Square V- Street

Aspendos Antique City of Map

  • About of Aspendos

The Theatre and Aqueducts of the Ancient City of Aspendos

The ancient city of Aspendos is located in Southern Turkey, in the ancient Pamphylia region by the Eurymedon (Köprüçay) river. The acropolis lies about 60 m. above sea level and sits on a flat-topped hill with many surviving monuments including the Nymphaeum, Basilica, Market Building and Odeion.

The Aspendos is visited by approximately 400.000 people every year, mainly because of its magnificent Roman theatre. “This is not like anything that I ever saw before.” This is how the British archaeologist David George Hogarth had described the Aspendos Theatre in 1909 in a paragraph which continues as follows: “You may have seen the amphitheatres in Italy, France, Dalmatia and Africa; temples in Egypt and Greece; the palaces in Crete; you may be sated with antiquity or scornful of it. But you have not seen the theatre of Aspendos.”

Although mainly known for its theatre by the general public and visitors, Aspendos‟ aqueducts, with their two unique siphons, have been a source of extreme fascination for researchers. The aqueducts brought water to the city from the mountains 15 km to the north. The water, which was carried by the arcades, and at some points by the underground pipe drains, was vital not only for Aspendos but for the whole of the Pamphylian plain. It was thanks to this water that the city and its rural surroundings were fertile and rich in grain. The water was brought to the city centre by means of this aqueduct from two sources, namely Gökçeler and Pınarbaşı at about 500 m above sea level and 19 km away. Bean suggests, after study of an epigraphic source, that the Aspendos‟ aqueducts were erected by Tiberius Claudius Italicus at a cost of 2 million Denarii in the second century AD. The inverted siphons of the aqueduct, which are approximately 30 m high, made it possible to cross the 1.7km wide valley between the mountains to the north and the acropolis. The inner dimensions of the water channels were 55-60 cm wide and 90 cm high. The water channels of the siphons are of stone. The siphons rise at an angle of 55 degrees and the 924 m distance between them is traversed by arches that are 5.5 m wide space. The arches are 15 m high in the deepest point of the valley.

Aspendos is written on the temporary list of world heritage in 2015.

  • How much does it cost to Entrance Aspendos Antique City & Aspendos Antique Theatre ?

Aspendos Antique City Entrance Fee: 25,00 TL

Aspendos Antique City Museum Pass In order to obtain and get more information  about museum pass card visit this website: MUSEUM CARD *(CLICK)*

  • What are Aspendos Antique City & Aspendos Antique Theatre opening hours ? 

Aspendos Antique City Summer Season: Between April 15th – October 2nd.

Aspendos Antique City is open daily from 8 am to 7 pm.

Aspendos Antique City Winter Season: Between October 3rd – April 14th.

Aspendos Antique City is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm.

  • What is the contact information of Aspendos ?
Phone +90 (242) 7357337
Fax +90 (242) 2385687

  • How do i get to Aspendos Antique City & Aspendos Antique Theatre by Public Transport ? (by Bus, Metro, Tram, Train, Ferry, Cable Car) 



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